Viewing the world through a geological lens can be difficult given the millions of years involved. However, it can help make sense of the landscape in which we live and geological processes, like erosion, that we see occurring around us today. We are lucky to have a series of books that describe the geological processes that have created the landscapes of SEQ.

All of these books are edited by Warwick Willmott. Some of you may have been fortunate enough to have done a geological workshop with Warwick, such as those detailed on pages 14-15.

These books not only explains the ‘recent’ volcanic activity (18-27 mya) that formed the Great Eastern Ranges and our rich basalt soils, but also the complex geological processes that formed the Australian continent. Explanations are reinforced with diagrams to show processes like subduction.

In addition to explaining geological processes, these books cover soil formation and types from the black cracking clay soils of the Darling Downs to the shales and sandstones around Withcott. These books make sense of why some soils are more prone to erosion and landslips. Groundwater systems are also discussed, explaining how aquifers are formed and recharged.

One of the best things about these books is their local relevance. These books are a field guide to the landscapes of SEQ. Extensive referencing of local landforms make up the bulk of these books. Specific directions to geological features are provided using roads, creeks and mountains as landmarks to help navigate the reader to locations. One could easily plan a day out to look at the Toowoomba lava pools, the Helidon natural springs, the fossil rich shales of Ipswich, the Aspley mudsprings, the Helidon sandstone buildings in the Brisbane CBD, ending with a cup of tea overlooking the volcanic plugs of the Glasshouse Mountains. If you want to know more about the ground under your feet and the hills around you, these books are a must have.

Review by Deborah Metters

Brisbane and Ipswich | 2012
Gold Coast Hinterland | 2010
Sunshine Coast | 2007
Toowoomba District | 2020
All $11 each + postage
Published by Geological Society of Australia,
Queensland Division –
Also available via the Qld Museum shop

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