The SEQ Region

South East Queensland – Subtropical, Stunning, Biodiverse and 3 million People

South East Queensland is a hotspot of diverse plants, animals, fungi, landscapes and ecosystems. It is also one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, placing these natural values under pressure. As clearing of bushland for development continues, this reduces homes for wildlife, limits their ability to move across the landscape and shrinks their population. Land for Wildlife offers landholders solutions to encourage wildlife onto their properties by protecting and managing habitat.

Given that many native plants and animals only occur on private land (they do not occur in reserves or National Parks) private landholders are being entrusted with their survival. Land for Wildlife helps landholders to identify these unique, and often threatened, species and gives advice on how to help manage them.

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Somerset Dam
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Outside of SEQ

What about Land for Wildlife Outside of SEQ?

Land for Wildlife is delivered in other regions of Australia including:

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