Land For Wildlife Properties in Seq

Hectares of Wildlife Habitat

Hectares of Habitat Under Restoration

New Land for Wildlife Properties in 2023

Program Highlights


  • 370 new Land for Wildlife properties join last year.
  • Over 4,000 hectares of weeds controlled.
  • Over 2 million trees planted.
  • 13 Local Governments working together across SEQ.
  • Over 52,150 observations on the LfWSEQ iNaturalist project
  • Over 145 nest boxes provided to members last year

Rufous Fantail

Wildlife We Protect

Land for Wildlife members have bought back species of wildlife from the brink of local extinction and have helped discover new populations.

Plants We Protect

Learning about native plants and ecosystems is one of the highlights of being a Land for Wildlife member. Many Land for Wildlife members are custodians for rare and threatened native plants and have helped protect them from development, grazing, weeds and inappropriate fire.

White Beech Tree

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