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Hectares of Wildlife Habitat

Hectares of Habitat Under Restoration

New Land for Wildlife Properties in 2019

Program Highlights

  • Over 200 new Land for Wildlife properties join annually.
  • Over 4,000 hectares of weeds controlled.
  • Over 2 million trees planted.
  • 11 Local Governments working together across SEQ.
  • 4000th Land for Wildlife property joined in December 2015. Read their story here
  • 450 people visited 25 properties during the 2014 Open Property Scheme

Rufous Fantail

Wildlife We Protect

Land for Wildlife members have bought back species of wildlife from the brink of local extinction and have helped discover new populations.

  • Potoroos at Reesville: Lucky Luke Uncovers a New Potoroo Population by Nick Clancy. Learn More →
  • Collared Delmas in western Brisbane: Landholders help protect the threatened Collared Delma. Learn More →
  • Pink Underwing Moths in rainforests: Rarity found on a Land for Wildlife property by Deborah Metters. Learn More →
  • Buff-footed Antechinus in Pullenvale: Introducing the Buff-footed Antechinus by Emily Corbett, LfW member, Pullenvale.
    Learn More →
  • Platypus in Murphy’s Creek: Bringing Back the Platypus – Property Profile by Michael Hare, LfW member, Murphy’s Creek.
    Learn More →
  • Bordered Rustic butterflies in western Brisbane: Restoring the Rustic to Brisbane’s Western Suburbs by Greg Siepen.
    Learn More →

Plants We Protect

Learning about native plants and their ecosystems is one of the highlights of being a Land for Wildlife member. Many Land for Wildlife members are custodians for rare and threatened native plants and have helped protect them from development, grazing, weeds and inappropriate fire.

  • Pink Nodding Orchids at Jimboomba: A Pink Nodding Orchid (Geodorum densiflorum) found at Jimboomba by Matt and Connie Clune. Learn More →
  • Ormeau Bottle Trees: Ormeau Bottle Tree (Brachychiton sp.) profile by David Madden. Learn More →
  • Winter Orchids in Redlands: Winter Orchids by Maree Manby. Learn More →
  • Richmond Birdwing Vine corridors in Brisbane: Foam Bark Gully Birdwing Corridor by Niki and Vernon Hill, LfW members. Learn More →

White Beech Tree

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