“Jensens Swamp” 11th May, Lowood, Somerset

“We call ourselves the Swamp People – it is a dirty old swamp but we think it’s great. About 22 years ago we started planting trees and now the group has planted over 5000 native plants. We have involved local students in this swamp. You can teach about the environment, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t actually work in the environment.”  Val Martin, Somerset Regional Environment Education Group

ensen Swamp Wildlife
Sensory Garden
Community managed Council reserve Koalas.
(Above:) Community managed Council reserve Koalas.
(Left:) Sensory Garden.
(Far Left:) Jensen Swamp Wildlife

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4 responses on “Jensen Swamp: Part of the Open Property Scheme 2014

  1. Hi,
    We are new to the area.
    Are there any walking/bike tracks available at your site?
    Are we able to bring our dog?
    Thankyou for your assistance,

    1. Hi Leanne. Jensens Swamp is a small reserve with some walking tracks. You would have to check with Somerset Regional Council to see if dogs are permitted. Enjoy.

  2. Hi I have sign on with to help with the jensens swamp environment group and looking for information on groups that done work there.

    thanks for any help

    1. Hi Grant. You may wish to contact the Environment Officer at Somerset Regional Council – Darren McPherson. Just call council and ask for him. He should be able to put you in touch with the community group that helps manage Jensens Swamp.

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