“Bettens” 7the May, Cooran, Noosa


“In 1983 the hills around Cooran were bare. Massive rainforest and eucalypt trees had been felled for timber, followed by dairy farming, pineapples and other orchards. The landscape we see now is a direct result of these recent past land-uses. We first planted trees for timber, but soon after changed track as we wanted the trees to stay. They say ‘If you build it, they will come’, and that is exactly what has happened with this forest. Wildlife has arrived.”

Doug Bettens, property owner

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2 responses on “Cooran: Part of the Open Property Scheme 2014

  1. I can’t believe how much the forests planted back then have grown so much in Noosa’s hinterland hills including Cooran … I was the ‘tea lady’ at many an open field day event … it all linked also with the birth of Landcare and Land For Wildlife as a solution to primarily placate the weed inspector visits who’s job at the time was to inflict penalties on farms who still had groundsel etc growing … ANSWER ..planting trees to heal the hills ..woohoo; the momentum had begun in early 80’s …SO became a way to harmonise four waring parties ie; Council, landowners, state govt and environment ‘groups’ (there were many)… ask any eco-radical about those good ol’ days … The tentacles of those early local initiatives have grown to empower many a soul to subsequently stand their ground on eco issues ….

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