The recent floods have had a devastating effect on SEQ, but they have also bought out the best in the community. The loss of life, property and vegetation has spurred a wave of public assistance that has become an icon of Queensland communities in the past decade. One offer of assistance has come from an unusual source, and I would like to let everyone know about it.

As Land for Wildlife Officers, we have seen a sharp rise in cases of severe erosion and bank slump, and the impact this soil loss has on our rivers and on Moreton Bay. Erosion is a widespread problem and yet often misunderstood. We do our best to assist, but in most situations there is a need for a professional engineering approach.

Available on Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) website: This is an excellent manual on understanding catchment water flow, causes of gully erosion, how to build fences and tracks to prevent gully erosion, and how to rehabilitate gully erosion.

Enter Grant Witheridge, a respected and now retired hydrological engineer and waterway rehabilitation expert. In the past, Grant’s company, Catchments and Creeks, has provided excellent advice for several Land for Wildlife properties across SEQ. Grant approached me recently to inform that although he has now retired, he intends to keep his erosion and waterway rehabilitation resources available on his website for public use, see;

This was fantastic to hear because many of us regularly refer to the resources and refer our members to them. The Field Guides are particularly useful. They cover a range of erosion types, and importantly, they explain why erosion happens and how this drives the type of rehabilitation required. The natural process of erosion, I think, is often misunderstood and results in failure of many rehabilitation projects.

If you have an erosion problem, then it is important to get your solution right the first time. I strongly encourage you to take the time to go through the resources on the Catchments and Creeks website, and if you gain some benefit from the experience, why not send Grant a quick message of thanks.

Article by Peter Copping
Land for Wildlife Officer
Logan City Council

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