What do I value most about being a Land for Wildlife member?

Feeling that I’m part of wider movement of people who care about wildlife and that what I do to restore habitat in my little corner of the world can maybe help in a bigger way by connecting to a network of patches of habitat.

I have plenty of ‘after’ photos – not too many ‘before’. Here are some of them.


These above two photos feature the same Scribbly Gum tree on the right hand side in 1981 (left) and in 2006 (right).

We are still finding new species such as Litoria rubella (shown above) which we’d never seen here before February 2008.

This is where we used to park our cars until the scribblies and casuarinas started to come up (so we park them somewhere else now).

Lynn and Chris Roberts Land for Wildlife members, Thornlands

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