Ten years after its first release, Mangroves to Mountains continues to be the definitive field guide to native plants of SEQ. This book is now even better with the recent release of the second edition. It now provides full coverage of all wattles, all orchids, all gumtrees (eucalypts, corymbias, lophostemons, angophoras and syncarpias) and impressively, all flowering rainforest plants (trees, shrubs and vines) found in SEQ.

By Glenn Leiper, Denis Cox, Jan Glazebrook & Kerry Rathie
Published by Logan River Branch of Native Plants
Queensland, 2017
Paperback, colour photos, 576 pages
Price: $50
Available from www.mangrovestomountains.com and
select bookstores

The sections on sedges and grasses have also been expanded. In total, 250 species have been added to this second edition bringing the total number of plants covered to just over 2450 species. Surprisingly, despite this increase in content, the second edition is thinner in size thanks to different paper.

The life-long work of the authors in documenting our native flora is reflected in this book, plus their passion for educating others and sharing their skills. We are fortunate in SEQ to have such an incredible resource at our fingertips. A perfect Christmas gift for those who love the outdoors.

Review by Deborah Metters


6 responses on “Mangroves to Mountains (Second Edition)

  1. We are land for wildlife and would like to purchase the latest edition of mangroves to mountains 2nd edition. Can you provide information of cost and postage zip code 4275. Regards Yvonne

  2. This amazing book has helped me enjoy identifying so many large and little native plants in my bushy patch or along paths and in parks and reserves in my suburb. It is so exillerating to discover a patch of could be weeds as plants being exactly where they should be, such as native Commelina, Kangaroo and Barbed Wire grasses, Blue Trumpets and little Love flowers.

  3. Friends just received their free copy by becoming members. They highly recommend this book. As the Editor of the Centenary and District Environment Action Newsletter, I would like to request permission to reproduce this book review in our newsletter, with appropriate acknowledgement.

    1. Hi. You are welcome to reproduce this book review – please credit the author and the LfWSEQ newsletter that it appeared in. It is a great book! Cheers.

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