It is the humblest of people who usually surprise and impress me the most. Land for Wildlife member, Sharon White, who is a dear friend and ‘almost a neighbour’ on a 5-acre block in Dundowran Beach, is one of those hidden gems.

I knew Sharon had been a wildlife carer before moving to Hervey Bay. What I did not know was that Sharon is a published author. Wildlife rehabilitation is a specialist subject requiring knowledge and accreditation. But, members of the public often find sick or injured critters that might need early intervention before an accredited carer can arrive. This book targets that audience and will have a broad readership for anyone with an interest in the environment. It is particularly relevant for Land for Wildlife members who are likely to come across sick or injured critters and care deeply about their fate.

Chapter 1 provides a succinct overview of wildlife ecology including useful tips on attracting wildlife to your property. Chapter 2 looks at the effects of humans in creating the problems our wildlife is facing. The rest of the book focuses on the practicalities and principles of wildlife care, including ethical issues and provides detailed guidance on rehabilitation for specific wildlife.

Wildlife rehabilitation may not be Land for Wildlife members’ ‘core business’. You cannot do ‘everything’ and the provision of suitable habitat in relatively good condition is vital. Land for Wildlife properties may be critical for critters’ survival if they incur their injuries or sickness because of land clearing. Sadly, land clearing for development seems to be occurring on an industrial scale now on the Fraser Coast.

Congratulations Sharon on your outstanding achievement in producing this beautiful and valuable publication! I commend Sharon’s book to you all.

Review by Vanessa Elwell-Gavins
President, Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld, Fraser Coast
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