Mangroves to Mountains: A field guide to the native plants of South-east Queensland By Glenn Leiper, Jan Glazebrook, Denis Cox & Kerry Rathie 576 pgs | 25x17cm | $50+postage Published by Native Plants Queensland, Logan River Branch

Representing decades of research and extensive field trips by the authors, Mangroves to Mountains remains the cornerstone to native plant identification in SEQ. Covering 2450 species of plants shown with colour photos, this is an incredible resource.

The Third Edition was released this year and is a major update and extension to the 2017 Second Edition. Many people I know still have and use the 2008 Revised Edition – my copy now props up my computer monitor (sorry Glenn). In addition to the ‘usual’ native plants, the latest edition covers all of SEQ’s orchids, gum trees, wattles, mistletoes and vines. Impressive.

One of the best things about Mangroves to Mountains is its layout. The book is divided into seven broad habitat types: tidal wetlands and dunes, freshwater wetlands, eucalypt forest, rainforest, coastal heath and montane heath. Then within each habitat type, the plants are grouped together by flower or fruit colour. Those two major groupings can help you narrow down your plant very quickly, especially if it is flowering or fruiting. Basically Mangroves to Mountains is a must have if you are interested in our local native plants.

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