Land for Wildlife is a voluntary program that encourages and assists landholders to manage wildlife habitat on their properties. Through Land for Wildlife you can learn about native plants, animals and ecosystems on your property, and get advice on managing threats such as weeds and pest animals. You will have the chance to meet other Land for Wildlife members – there are nearly 7,000 of them in SEQ.

The cornerstone of the Land for Wildlife program is a one-on-one visit by your local Land for Wildlife Officer. They’ll help you develop a personalised plan for your property to help integrate nature conservation with other activities such as residential use and grazing.

And the best thing about Land for Wildlife is that it is free. The program recognises that the benefits of conservation on private land extends well beyond the property gate.

After 18 years, the Land for Wildlife SEQ program remains the fastest growing network of landholders involved in private land conservation in Australia!

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Natural Bushland with Land for Wildlife

Core Values

Land for Wildlife Team

Who We Are

Land for Wildlife SEQ is a network of over 4000 properties being managed for nature conservation. Most of our members live on their properties, but some are weekenders while others are schools, golf courses and government corporations. Some Land for Wildlife members also integrate grazing, horticultural or tourism with nature conservation on their properties.

There are over 20 Land for Wildlife Officers across SEQ, employed by 11 Local Governments (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Logan, Redland, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Noosa). They work collaboratively through a regional network that is coordinated by Healthy Land and Water (previously SEQ Catchments). This regional coordination, funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, brings the Local Governments together. Collectively, the network develops regional initiatives and works towards better program products and services for all Land for Wildlife members in SEQ.

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How We Work

Land for Wildlife SEQ is a program built on a trusted relationship between our officers and our members. We understand that land management is complex and sometimes costly, and finding the time and resources to do conservation work can be difficult. Land for Wildlife offers advice, encouragement and tangible support to help meet your conservation goals for your property.

Through Land for Wildlife, members have access to personalised property visits, property maps, technical information about land management and ecology, regular newsletters, workshops and field days. Most Local Governments also offer incentives such as free native trees, nest boxes or resource books. Some Local Governments offer grants for on-ground work such as weed control or revegetation. Visit Become a Member to see what your Council offers.

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What does Land for Wildlife mean for my property?

Land for Wildlife is a free and voluntary program. You can cancel your involvement with Land for Wildlife at any stage. Registering your property with Land for Wildlife does not change the legal status of your property, nor does it confer a right of public access. Most registered Land for Wildlife members choose to display the iconic Wildlife sign, but this is entirely optional.

Your property must meet certain criteria to be eligible to join Land for Wildlife. See Become a Member for the eligibility criteria for your Council.

The Land for Wildlife Story

Land for Wildlife was initiated in Victoria over 30 years ago in response to declining numbers of birds on farms. Conservationists and farmers banded together to build a program that would help reinstate habitat for birds on farms, and in doing so, upskill landholders to look after habitat for wildlife. Hence, Land for Wildlife was born.

The program came to Queensland in 1998 after much work by a group of Local Government Officers in South East Queensland (SEQ). Initially set up as a trial, it quickly became apparent that it would be a hugely popular program in SEQ. Now all Local Governments in SEQ have adopted the program as part of their core business for environmental outcomes and for a building a positive relationships with the community.

Land for Wildlife is now delivered nationally in Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and parts of the Northern Territory. It is also in New Zealand. Learn More →

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