Welcome to Land for Wildlife
South East Queensland

a vibrant, progressive program that aims to protect native wildlife and flora for the benefit of future generations.

Land for Wildlife brings together like-minded landholders to share skills and knowledge about nature conservation. To date over 50,000 hectares of habitat for wildlife has been protected with a further 3700 hectares under restoration, just in South East Queensland. read more

Weed of the month

Unfortunately, some of us in SEQ can experience a white Christmas with the large, tubular, white flowers of Moth Vine making an appearance in summer. read more

Native plant of the month

An alternative common name for the Brown Kurrajong is the Scrub Christmas Tree, which aptly describes how this plant looks at this time of the year – like its horizontal branches are covered in snow. read more

Fauna Vignette - Flying Peacock Spiders

I came across this tiny, beautiful fellow on a VCA (Voluntary Conservation Agreement) property at Kenilworth recently. read more