We share our property at Witta, about 10 kms north of Maleny, with a lot of wildlife and this spring we were very privileged to witness two male 3 metre long Carpet Pythons fighting for territory on our roof and outside our back door.

The victor then mated with a female on the awning above our kitchen window. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find the clutch of eggs nor have we seen any babies yet. They can lay anywhere between 30 and 47 eggs and the female cares for the eggs until they hatch. She winds herself around the eggs and shivers to keep them at a stable temperature. The young hatch after 50-60 days at which time the female leaves to feed and the hatchlings are left to fend for themselves.

We have also been visited on numerous occasions by some or all the pythons individually. They checked out the garden under our pergola, warmed themselves lying between the pergola rafters and the tin roof, explored our ceiling cavity and sunned themselves on our pergola roof. One even knocked over the watering can and then spent about 5 minutes drinking the spilled water!

The cycle of life is a wonderful thing to witness.


Article by Jill and Peter Cutting
Land for Wildlife members
Witta, Sunshine Coast


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