When one is a Brown Honeyeater there is always the threat of predation.

Therefore setting up a nest on the back verandah of a Land for Wildlife house seems ideal, especially when there is the aesthetic bonus of a oral setting.

This is what was done by a pair at our place, “Melaleuca”, at Kalbar. The nest site was in the in orescence of a potted Swamp Orchid (Phaius australis) about a metre from the kitchen door so there was the extra protection of humans passing by.

However, the builders did not account for the fact that the orchid flowers have a life of only a few weeks after which they fall. So the humans had to come to the rescue by attaching the nest to the inflorescence stem with florist’s wire.

All was successful: the birds raised two chicks and the humans had the pleasure of their company.

Barry and Marjorie Jahnke Land for Wildlife members Kalbar, Scenic Rim

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