No, not the botanical type, but the Pale Headed (Platycercus adscitus) or Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans) type!

If, like us, you run cattle on your property, or own a property which used to run some, you may have noticed that rosellas have a great liking of old corner fence posts. With age and termite action, these posts transform themselves into beautiful nice hollow wooden pipes.

An old hardwood post originally positioned next to a house. This was dug out and re-planted in a better location for the rosellas.

These posts become perfect rosella nesting habitat and years after years, we have witnessed our regulars coming back and raising happy families from within these old posts.

A recently transplanted old hardwood fence post that has been hollowed out over time. Pale-headed Rosellas have already been seen investigating this post as a potential nesting site.

Should you have to replace or remove these old hollow posts, we suggest you transplant them!

  1. Dig a nice post hole.
  2. Then add a carefully extracted old post (they become quite fragile when hollow).
  3. There you are, a brand new, natural and rustic looking rosella nest that you can locate where convenient and safe.


Article and photos by Olivier and Sandrine Fillon
Land for Wildlife members
Cedar Creek, Moreton Bay


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