A Pink Nodding Orchid found at Jimboomba

While walking on our property the other day, we were excited to come across a couple of what we believe to be ‘Pink Nodding Orchids’. We’d noticed the plant previously and thought they were probably baby palm trees until we spotted the beautiful flower on the weekend. We had not seen or even heard of these until we looked them up in the Mangroves to Mountains book and were wondering if they are common in our area? It’s amazing that after 8 years we are still finding new plants and just goes to show that when you get out there and walk around regularly, you never know what you might discover.

Reply from Rachel Booth, Land for Wildlife Officer, Logan City Council:

Yes, it is a Pink Nodding Orchid (Geodorum densiflorum) and is uncommon in the Jimboomba area. Native orchids can remain dormant for years until the right conditions (such as the recent rains) when they can put on a beautiful display of flowers that are often fragrant but short lived.

Article by Matt and Connie Clune, Land for Wildlife members, Jimboomba, Logan

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2 responses on “A Pink Nodding Orchid found at Jimboomba

  1. I have the nodding pink orchid and did have another one until it died the same except with green and white flowers. I have not been able to find it anywhere and would be very excited to be able to get one again.

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