Pictured is a pair of peaceful doves perched on the Hill’s Hoist in my backyard. The size of these tiny pigeons can be gauged in comparison to the clothes peg beside them. They share the title of Australia’s smallest dove with the similar Diamond Dove of the arid interior. Peaceful Doves are readily distinguishable by the blue skin around their eyes.

Peaceful doves are relatively common in open forests throughout eastern Australia. Three pairs visit the bird feeder at home every day and will stand their ground, even chasing away larger species. They have a most enjoyable melodic call.

Neil Schultz Land for Wildlife member Tarampa, Somerset

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2 responses on “Peaceful Doves: Enjoy the small things

  1. Hi there . . . I have no idea whether you have the time or inclination to answer my question but hope you do.
    Our enclosed pagola has been picked by a bonded pair of Peaceful Doves and they are constantly building nests and laying eggs. While we love the sound and look of the birds their droppings cover our outdoor furniture, BBQ and paving . . . Is there anyway I can move these guys on to another area? I feel like a murderer constantly taking their eggs and destroying their nests but I cannot risk the eggs hatching and turning our pagola into an aviary!!!! Any advice is appreciated.

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