Quarterly bird surveys have been in full swing for the past few years on Brisbane City Council’s Land for Wildlife properties. These surveys are done in partnership with Birdlife Southern Queensland.

We have also been getting great shots of birds with motion sensor cameras. Twice in one week, I was fortunate enough to see the exquisite Nankeen Night Heron. The first instance was an image captured on the motion sensor camera next to a waterhole in Upper Brookfield. It was an adult displaying its droopy head plumage.

This is a typical shot of the bird as it is predominantly nocturnal, feeding at night in shallow water. The diet of this bird consists of a wide range of frogs, fish, crustaceans and insects. Keep an eye out for it when you go spotlighting!

The other sighting of this bird was of a juvenile. We must have disturbed it while it was feeding in the creek as the photo suggests it has a full crop. On the day that we were doing the bird survey at Mt Crosby, we had to rely on our eyes only as the calls of the Double-drummer Cicadas (Thopha saccata) were totally deafening, so capturing this photo was a real highlight for the morning!

Article by Catherine Madden Land for Wildlife Officer Brisbane City Council

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